Open source middleware

For a long time middleware and open source were not easily merged into a viable infrastructure.

For a long period of time the proprietary TIBCO, MQSeries and Axway were the only technologies available technologies in the middleware landscape.

Fortunately a sufficient amount of stable open source software packages and protocols is available today.

On the protocol side we have a complete breakthrough of the AMQP-protocol.

Pushed by the frustration of leading investment banks such as Chase-Manhattan, UBS, CSFB, Goldman Sachs, Barclays and others the protocol has reached a very stable form.

This stable AMQP protocol has got more than one single open source implementation.

On a slightly higher level than the AMQP-protocol there exist numerous integration frameworks, all stable, all open, all with a large support community.

Web-services as open protocols can co-exist and collaborated with other open source middleware software.

Open source middleware no longer has to be associated with long coding efforts, the main effort goes towards configuration and not towards coding.